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Compact Size Intercom System

KROMA by AEQ's CrossNET high-performance Audio over IP multi-channel intercom matrix provides broadcast-quality audio for systems up to 168 ports. Up to 128 of them can be AoIP featuring DANTE and AES67 protocols and can easily be connected using existing Ethernet networks through conventional hubs and switches. CrossNET frame always comes with 12x 4-wire analog broadcast balanced audio, 8x digital 16 bits 41.66 KHz KROMA protocol and 20x VoIP proprietary compressed 8 bits 8.3 KHz Voice over IP KROMA PRTP/UDP protocol ports.

Large Size Intercom System

If you are looking for a larger system the new ConeXia intercom system represents a leap forward and a new concept in regards to intercom systems as it becomes a global audio solution. Based on a KROMA intercom master and an AEQ TDM audio matrix, ConeXia has the capacity of up to 1024 x 1024 cross-points and is based upon a modular system of audio I/O cards. However, what really makes ConeXia special is the possibility to integrate intercom and broadcast audio sources into the same matrix, with 48 KHz 24 bits sampling and a 100% redundant system. ConeXia is compatible with all KROMA by AEQ's intercom panels, and expands the interface options with KROMA (telephone, GSM) and AEQ (MADI, fiber optics, AoIP, etc.) cards.

Small Size Party Line Intercom System

If you are looking for a smaller and cost effective solution then you should consider EasyNET the four channels AoIP party-line system from KROMA by AEQ. Based on three IP terminals (racked panel, desktop panel, and beltpack), the system offers one of the easiest configurations and installations in the market, very similar to a LAN network. Indeed, the installation just consists of connecting all the terminals, up to 28, to a switch Ethernet, saving space, time, and money.

CrossNET Intercom Matrix

Compact Size Intercom System

CrossNET is a compact intercom matrix, built into a 1U-height 19” enclosure, featuring basic IP connectivity based on Dante™ technology, that is compatible with the recent AES-67 standard, allowing for the transportation of broadcast quality audio. It incorporates high-quality analog balanced inputs and outputs and supports former KROMA IP panels and interfaces with reduced bandwidth compressed audio. It also supports KROMA panels with digital audio link. CrossNET matrix features a 4-key intercom user interface on its own front panel.

Scalable to the size of your requirements

CrossNET comes in one chassis with five software upgradeable configurations:

• CrossNET 40: 12 Analog + 8 Digital + 20 VoIP KROMA
• CrossNET 72: 12 Analog + 8 Digital + 20 VoIP KROMA + 32 AoIP Dante/AES67
• CrossNET 104: 12 Analog + 8 Digital + 20 VoIP KROMA + 64 AoIP Dante/AES67
• CrossNET 136: 12 Analog + 8 Digital + 20 VoIP KROMA + 96 AoIP Dante/AES67
• CrossNET 168: 12 Analog + 8 Digital + 20 VoIP KROMA + 128 AoIP Dante/AES67

Download CrossNET Intercom Matrix Brochure - 2MB

Intercom Panel Series

Wide Range of Intercom Panels

From the High End 8000 Series to the Cost Effective 3000 Series, either for Rackmount with or without Expansions or just for Desktop the KROMA by AEQ Intercom Panels offer a great consistency in their design, audio quality, intuitive operation and proven reliability.

TP8000 Series

A+D+VoIP+AoIP AES67/Dante Panels

8000 Series user intercom panels have been designed to provide broadcast quality audio and to be used with the digital technology of Conexia and CrossNET matrixes. Audio is captured and processed at 48kHz, with 24 bits/sample, providing full audio bandwidth with negligible noise and distortion levels. Ease of installation has also been taken into account, featuring a redundant IP port that handles high quality DANTE format audio and also compatible with AES 67 standard. Audio is digitally processed to cancel acoustic echo and automatically compensate for voice level and particular speech habits of each operator. Acoustics has been seriously engineered to reach the highest possible intelligibility and clarity of sound. Each panel offers a user interface consisting in 16 (rack-mounted or desktop). Expansion panels are available to expand the system up to 80 keys.

Download TP8000 Series Brochure - 1.2MB

TP4000 Series

A+D+VoIP Panels

The 4000 series panels offers two high performance LCD displays to show the eight character labels for each crosspoint key. These panels are provided with 4 different audio ports and may be connected to 3 different systems simultaneously.

Download TP4000 Series Brochure - 290KB

TP3000 Series

A+D Panels

The 3000 series is an economic alternative to the 4000 and 8000 user panels. The keys are identified with printed labels generated by Crossmapper software. With two digital and one analogue audio ports, the panels offer advanced functionalities at an affordable price.

Download TP3000 Series Brochure - 290KB


Wired & Wireless - Hardware & Software Based

KROMA by AEQ's Intercom offers a variety of BeltPack solutions either wired or wireless, hardware or software based.

Xbp - Wireless BletPack

Xbp panel is a hardware intercom panel based on 5GHz Wi-Fi technology and using Xplorer as its software engine. In essence this is the combination of the processing capabilities, connectivity and operating system of an Apple iPod device and a hardware solution that provides professional features. It provides a quick-access user interface consisting in 4 physical keys, a gain control and mute encoder and battery status indicators. It is connected to the iPod through a low power Bluetooth link. It also incorporates all necessary circuitry required to charge the internal batteries and interface professional headset combinations. It requires Access Point and Network Infrastructure to be available and connected to the CrossNET KROMA VoIP network.

Download Xbp Brochure - 3.5MB

VP4000 - Wireless Virtual Panels on Cell Phone & Tablets

VP4000 is the new KROMA by AEQ's application for Android and Apple devices that turns your cellphone or tablet into a fully functional intercom panel. With 16 configurable keys, the device can work just as any KROMA IP user panel connected to a TH5000 matrix; or even as a wireless beltpack, moving freely in the Wi-Fi network connected to a TH5000 matrix or TW5000 base station or linked to the main system with a 3G connection. Install the application from the App Store and Google Play for free in as many devices as you want , and purchase the necessary VP4000 licenses for your matrix or base station. It requires Access Point and Network Infrastructure to be available and connected to the CrossNET KROMA VoIP network.

Download VP4000 Brochure - 290KB

BP3004 - Wired Beltpack

The BP3004 is the new KROMA by AEQ's wired beltpack. Based on VoIP, it features four independent audio channels and it may work as a standalone party-line system or integrated into CrossNET matrix. Compact design and lightweight. It is possible to set a party-line group of beltpacks simply by connecting several terminals to a switch Ethernet, without the need of any other intercom device. This is one of the simplest party line systems configuration in the market, yet it provides advanced features with up to 4 channels to choose from. This party line may be also connected to a larger KROMA by AEQ systems just by connecting the switch Ethernet to the KROMA VoIP port of a CrossNET Intercom system.

Download BP3004 Brochure - 210KB



KROMA by AEQ offers an extensive range of audio interfaces for the CrossNET Intercom matrix. Analog, AES, IP, ISDN, PSTN, GSM sources can be easily connected to the CrossNET system through Analog, Digital, AoIP or IP Dante/AES67 ports. Even remote CrossNET matrix can be linked together over IP.

CE6000 - 6 to 1 Analog Audio Concentrator

A CE6000 4-wires analog audio concentrator can be used to implement a party line system with camera CCUs, using only 1 analogue port in the CrossNET matrix. Connecting each CCU to a dedicated Analog port in the CrossNET intercom matrix will establish a dedicated connection to each camera.

Download CE6000 Brochure - 230KB

NETBOX32/8 & NETBOX 4MH - Analog & AES Audio to Dante/AES67 Interface

AEQ offers three different interfaces for multi-channel AoIP under the common name of NETBOX. These interfaces offer Analog and AES Audio Input and Output system connectivity at locations where the installation doesn’t count with AoIP networking capability. NETBOX32 and NETBOX8 AD features 32 or 8 input and 32 or 8 output channels, Mono or Stereo, Analog or Digital. NETBOX also incorporates GPI/Os, 16 GPI and 16 GPO (each GPO connector includes a power supply pin to feed the output circuitry) in the NETBOX32 and 4 GPI and 4 GPO on the NETBOX8.
NETBOX 4 MH is an IP Audio Interface with 4 mic/line inputs and 4 line + 4 stereo headphone outputs and software remote gain control that also includes 4 GPIO's for signaling as well as the additional 7 GPI’s and 2 Relay GPO’s.

Download AEQ AoIP Brochure - 4.4MB

Phoenix - IP & ISDN Audio Codec

AEQ is developing Audio Codecs since 1993. Hereunder you will find a wide range of AEQ AudioCodecs to virtually meet any need for Audio communications.
Here you will find links to Phoenix Applications Notes in order to complete the information about AEQ family of Audo Codecs.

TR5000 & TR7000 Interface Frames - PSTN, GSM, ISDN Interfaces

The TR3000/7000 interface frames can be connected to the digital ports in a KROMA by AEQ's matrix to allow external audio sources to be connected into the intercom system. Two different frames are available, TR3000 1RU with 2 and TR7000 3RU with 6 cards capacities, 12 in double-rear configuration for the TR7000 that also provides redundant PSU. The interfaces available range from additional 4-wires or 2-wires audio ports, Hybrid Telephone and GSM, as well as ISDN interfaces.

Download TR3000/7000 Brochure - 230KB

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